Functions & Celebrations


Birthdays of children of the Junior School are well celebrated. Parents who wish to celebrate their child’s birthday at school can send birthday cakes, birthday candles candles and chocolates.


Onam, X-mas, Idul-Fitar etc are celebrated in the school. Competitions are conducted house wise for many items during these celebrations. Children also perform stage programs. Class wise parties are also conducted.

Patriotic Days

Days of National importance such as Republic Day, Independence Day etc are celebrated in an elegant manner.

Special Days

Important days such as the Teacher’s Day, Parent’s Day, Grand Parents Day, Environment Day and many more are celebrated eliciting the importance of each day. The Junior School celebrates every Friday as a special day of a kind and are dressed up complimenting the same.

Annual Day

Every Academic Year celebrates the Annual Day in a grand style towards the middle of the last term. Celebrities graces the occasion. Annual Awards and other important mementos are handed over in this occasion.

Graduation Day

Conducted on the school reopening day where students from UKG, Grade X and Grade XII are officially handed over their recognition certificate as they are graduating to their next level of education.

Student Council Inauguration

The Student Council is ceremoniously inaugurated at the commencement of every academic year. The members of the Student Council are introduced formally, followed by their badging and oath taking ceremony.

Clubs Inauguration

The various students clubs in the school are inaugurated officially for them to start working on for the attainment of their goals. This is done immediately after the Student Council Inauguration.