Junior School


Mount Carmel Junior School comprises of the Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-KG), Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG). Children can enroll for the Pre-KG at the age of 2.5 years and above, and for LKG when they are older than 3.5 years of age. At Mount Carmel Junior School, we have a progressive and harmonious environment, complimented by a holistic approach, aimed at nurturing creativity, curiosity and talents of young children. Our approach is out-come oriented with a global outlook. The Junior School is guided by the KG Head Mistress. To complete the team we have Montessori trained teachers, and well trained nannies. Thanks to the dedicated staff, our teaching methods, the well-designed learning environment, and the enriched co-curricular activities, as our students enjoys their early school life. They play, learn and grow in a happy, inspiring and safe environment.