Graduation implies the successful completion of a course of study, and advancement from one level to another. And Graduation ceremony is designed to celebrate this achievement, where the official recognition is handed over to the graduands. It is a moment of pride for parents to witness their young ones graduating.

The graduands will be the students promoted from;

  1. Junior School to Primary School, that is from UKG to Grade I
  2. Primary School to Middle School that is from Grade V to Grade VI
  3. Middle School to Secondary School that is from Grade VIII to Grade IX
  4. Secondary School to Senior Secondary School that is from Grade X to Grade XI
  5. Senior Secondary School to University that is from Grade XII

For the Graduation ceremony, the graduands will be dressed in their graduation attire which comprises of the graduation gown and the hat.

The Graduation ceremony takes place on the re-opening day of the new academic year.

The graduation dress will be available for rent in the school store.

The parents will be informed of the Graduation ceremony for their ward and the procedures to be adhered therein with.