Parent-Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association or PTA of Mount Carmel residential School is constituted of the parents of our students, the teaching staff of the school, and may also the registered Well- Wishers of the school. They function with the aim of assisting the management in the efficient and effective running of the school and in planning and executing school improvement plans to achieve the goals of our school and to attain our vision. A membership fee of Rs.100/- shall be paid by the parents at the time of admission of their student and an annual fee of Rs.100/- towards the PTA fund. The PTA is headed by the PTA President. In the beginning of every academic year PTA President and other representatives are elected. PTA meetings are conducted every term.

PTA Executive Committee

The PTA EXCOM comprises of the PTA President, Vice Presidents, Parent Representative for each Grade, Staff Secretary, and selected Teachers. The PTA EXCOM meetings are conducted every month.